Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long have you been in the industry?

Our master jeweller has 38 years of experience in the industry. The quality of any piece created by a master jeweller is far superior to that of any mass produced ring.

2. Do you have retail stores?

No, we are factory based and situated in the diamond centre in Parktown, Johannesburg. 

3. Does your factory offer a wide selection?

We offer a bespoke selection of rings that can be ordered standard or custom designed to fit your needs.

4. Where are your rings made?

All our product is locally manufactured in our workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

5. Where do you source your diamonds?

We source our diamonds from local diamantaires.

6. With regards to items sent in, will my jewellery be sent out to another location?

All manufacturing and repairs take place on our premises.

7. Is Studio C established and credentialed?

Yes, we are.

8. Do you include insurance appraisals with purchases?

We include a complimentary valuation certificate with every purchase made. 

9. Do you have a qualified diamond grader to check every stone?

Yes, we do.

10. Do I get a grading certificate for my diamond?

All our diamonds are laboratory certified stones, and come with their own unique certificate.

11. I like a ring on your website, can you customise a piece for me?

Most of our pieces are made to order, which allows us to customise our standard items to fit your taste and budget.

12. What precious metals do you use?

We use Gold and Platinum.

13. What is your policy around warranties and returns?

We adhere to the Consumer Protection Act with regard to warranties and returns.

14. What is the typical process followed when wanting to order a ring design?

In our experience, a one on one consultation is the only fool proof way to order a custom made design.