Our Crafting Journey

The Crafting Journey

The intricate process of making a diamond ring is the first step in the journey towards your happily ever after. Transform a simple stone into the engagement ring of her dreams.

Step 1

Choosing the ring

Select the perfect diamond from our variety of different stones, choose the design and we’ll do the rest!

Step 2


Your chosen design will now need to be processed and printed with a 3D printer. This will result in a resin model with the same look and feel as the traditionally cast ring.

Step 3


The resin model is placed into a flask, filled with plaster, and baked overnight to create a cavity inside.

Step 4

A ring is born

The remaining cavity is then injected with molten metal. Once this has been done, the plaster is broken away, exposing a perfect metal version of the resin model.

Step 5


The fine skin left over from the casting process is then removed from the metal piece, using various files and sand papers. The surface is worked on until free from all imperfections.

Step 6


The setting process is next. Here, the diamond is fitted securely onto the ring using several setting options, dependent on the stone chosen.

Step 7

Polished to perfection

Your ring is now ready for its final polish. Using a series of rotating, high-speed brushes, the metal is shined to produce a sparkling diamond ring.

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A Wide Range of Styles

Stone, shape, setting, style… there’s so much to consider, especially with every option from dainty diamond solitaires to sparkling combinations that haven’t even been imagined yet on offer. Get inspired and explore more of our site.